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Live@Bob's Session: Recording Mark Stiekman

Mark Stiekman: This Dream Called Life

In The Studio: Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Mark Stiekman, armed with his wonderful sounding Taylor guitar, came into Live@Bob's studio to record one of his beautiful and deep original songs, "This Dream Called Life."


The Recording Details

Mark chose to record his tune "live," and without using a click track. For his guitar, I used a couple of mics and a direct signal. The main guitar mic was a Neumann TLM107 set to a Figure 8 pattern and running through a DBX 676 Tube Channel Strip. I also used a Sennheiser E845 but didn't use in the final mix. For his vocals I also chose a couple of mics including a Miktek CV4 running through a Focusrite ISA II preamp and a Neumann TLM107 running through a DBX 676 Tube Channel Strip.


The Mixdown Details

For the final mixing session, I chose to go with the Neumann TLM107s on both Mark's voice and his guitar—I found they provided the warmth and presence that complimented his voice and guitar. I also used the direct signal from his guitar (in a small amount) just to bring out the percussiveness of his guitar strings.


The Options

In addition to the initial acoustic version of his song, Mark also chose the option of having me add in additional instrumentation so I decided to add bass guitar, electric guitar, percussion elements, and a lap steel. You can listen to both versions on the adjoining player.



"Bob is such a talented guy, and I'm glad we got together to record my song "This Dream Called Life".   He worked with me to come up with a great acoustic version, and then added several additional guitar/etc. tracks and really brought the song to life.   His studio is a cozy spot in his home and I look forward to working with Bob again soon."

— Mark Stiekman





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